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SignatureList Event

Fires for each signature of the current key when ListSignatures is called.


func onSignatureList(userId: String, issuerKeyId: String, issuerUserId: String, publicKeyAlgorithm: String, curve: String, hashAlgorithm: String, effectiveDate: String, signatureClass: Int32, validityStatus: Int32)


This event fires once for each signature of the current key when ListSignatures is called.

UserId holds the current user Id of the key.

The UserId format is:

FirstName LastName (Comment) <Email>
Not all values are required when selecting or generating a key, but at least FirstName or Email are required.

IssuerKeyId is the hex-encoded, 4- or-8-byte Id of the issuer's key. It is the same as the last 4 or 8 bytes of the Fingerprint. For instance:


IssuerUserId is the user Id of the issuer. If this is empty the issuer's key could not be found in the current keyring.

PublicKeyAlgorithm is the public key algorithm. Possible values are:

  • RSA
  • DSA
  • EdDSA

Curve is the curve used by the key when PublicKeyAlgorithm is ECDSA or EdDSA. Possible values are:

secp256r1 ECDSA NIST curve P-256
secp384r1 ECDSA NIST curve P-384
secp521r1 ECDSA NIST curve P-521
Ed25519 EdDSA Ed25519
secp256k1 EdDSA Secp256k1

HashAlgorithm is the hash algorithm used by the signature. Possible values are:

  • SHA1
  • SHA256
  • SHA384
  • SHA512
  • SHA224
  • MD5

EffectiveDate is the date when this signature became valid. The following example illustrates the format of an encoded date:

23-Jan-2000 15:00:00. 

SignatureClass is the type of signature. Possible values are:

16Generic Signature
17Personal Signature
18Casual Signature
19Positive Signature (self-signed)

ValidityStatus specifies the current validity status of the signature. Possible values are:

3Unknown (the issuer's public key could not be found)

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