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on_verification_status Event

Fired after verification of the signed message.


class OpenPGPVerificationStatusEventParams(object):
  def key_id() -> str: ...
  def status() -> int: ...

# In class OpenPGP:
def on_verification_status() -> Callable[[OpenPGPVerificationStatusEventParams], None]: ...
def on_verification_status(event_hook: Callable[[OpenPGPVerificationStatusEventParams], None]) -> None: ...


This event fires when verify_signature or decrypt_and_verify_signature is called. It provides information about the result.

KeyId is the Id of the key used to sign the message. It is the hex-encoded, 4-or 8-byte Id of the key. It is the same as the last 4 or 8 bytes of the Fingerprint. For instance:


Status holds the result of the operation. Possible values are:

0Verification succeeded
1Verification failed
2The required key could not be found
3Verification succeeded but the key is expired.

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