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mail_server Property

The name or address of the mail server (IMAP server).


def get_mail_server() -> str: ...
def set_mail_server(value: str) -> None: ...

mail_server = property(get_mail_server, set_mail_server)

Default Value



This property specifies the IP address (IP number in dotted internet format) or Domain Name of the mail server. It must be set before a connection is attempted and cannot be changed once a connection is in progress.

If this property is set to a Domain Name, a DNS request is initiated. Upon successful termination of the request, the mail_server property is set to the corresponding address. If the search is not successful, an error is returned.

If the class is configured to use a SOCKS firewall, the value assigned to this property may be preceded with an "*". If this is the case, the host name is passed to the firewall unresolved and the firewall performs the DNS resolution.

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