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ssl_start_mode Property

Determines how the class starts the SSL negotiation.


def get_ssl_start_mode() -> int: ...
def set_ssl_start_mode(value: int) -> None: ...

ssl_start_mode = property(get_ssl_start_mode, set_ssl_start_mode)

Default Value



The ssl_start_mode property may have one of the following values:

0 (sslAutomatic)If the remote port is set to the standard plaintext port of the protocol (where applicable), the class will behave the same as if ssl_start_mode is set to sslExplicit. In all other cases, SSL negotiation will be implicit (sslImplicit).
1 (sslImplicit)The SSL negotiation will start immediately after the connection is established.
2 (sslExplicit)The class will first connect in plaintext, and then explicitly start SSL negotiation through a protocol command such as STARTTLS.
3 (sslNone - default)No SSL negotiation, no SSL security. All communication will be in plaintext mode.

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