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on_start_transfer Event

Fired when the message text starts transferring.


class PSMTPStartTransferEventParams(object):
  def direction() -> int: ...

# In class PSMTP:
def on_start_transfer() -> Callable[[PSMTPStartTransferEventParams], None]: ...
def on_start_transfer(event_hook: Callable[[PSMTPStartTransferEventParams], None]) -> None: ...


If message_text is not empty, the on_start_transfer event is fired when the message_text starts transferring from the local host to the mail_server. If message_text is empty, the event is not fired.

If a file is attached to the message_text via the attached_file property, then on_start_transfer fires again when the file starts transferring. Please go to the description of the attached_file property for more information.

The Direction parameter shows whether the client (0) or the server (1) is sending the data.

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