IPWorks BLE 2020 ActiveX Edition

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Log Event

Fires once for each log message.


Sub bleclientcontrol_Log(LogLevel As Integer, Message As String, LogType As String)


This events fires once for each log message generated by the control. The verbosity is controlled by the LogLevel setting.

LogLevel indicates the level of the Message. Possible values are:

0 (None) No events are logged.
1 (Info - default) Informational events are logged.
2 (Verbose) Detailed data is logged.
3 (Debug) Debug data is logged.

The default log level, Info, provides information when most BLE operations begin and end, and should be sufficient to get a good idea of what the control is doing at a high level.

The Verbose log level adds a few extra operation timing messages, and adds more detail to some messages logged at the Info level.

The Debug log level causes the control to output as much information as possible about what it is doing at all times. All BLE communications, even those which are typically abstracted away by the API, are logged in full detail. Typically the additional information added by this log level is not helpful to the end user, and would only be necessary to capture if you wish to report an issue to the support team.

LogType identifies the type of log entry. Possible values are:

  • Scanning: Messages relating to scanning and advertisements.
  • Connection: Messages relating to connecting, disconnecting, and connection failures.
  • Discovery: Messages relating to any service, characteristic, or descriptor discovery process.
  • Read: Messages relating to reading values from the remote device.
  • Write: Messages relating to writing values to the remote device.
  • Subscriptions: Messages relating to subscribing to and unsubscribing from characteristics.
  • Info, Verbose, and Debug: Miscellaneous messages fired at the applicable log level concerning internal control operations.

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