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Discover Method

Convenience method to discover multiple levels of the GATT object hierarchy at once.


bleclientcontrol.Discover ServiceUuids, CharacteristicUuids, DiscoverDescriptors, IncludedByServiceId


This method can be used in place of individual calls to the DiscoverServices, DiscoverCharacteristics, and DiscoverDescriptors methods in order to discover GATT objects from multiple levels of the GATT hierarchy at once.

To discover root services, their characteristics, and those characteristics' descriptors, you can:

  • Pass a comma-separated list of service UUIDs for the services which you are interested in to the ServiceUuids parameter.
  • Pass a comma-separated list of characteristic UUIDs for the characteristics which you are interested in (for any and all services which could be discovered) to the CharacteristicUuids parameter.
  • Pass either true or false to the DiscoverDescriptors parameter, based on whether or not you wish to discover descriptors for discovered characteristics.
  • Pass the empty string to the IncludedByServiceId parameter.

If you wish to discover included services, their characteristics, and those characteristics' descriptors, the above still applies, but you should pass the Id of an already discovered service to the IncludedByServiceId parameter.

You have the option of passing the empty string to either, or both, of the ServiceUuids and CharacteristicUuids parameters if you do not wish to limit your discovery to specific services and/or characteristics, but doing so is strongly discouraged due to the additional power consumption that will result.

During the discovery process, the Discovered event will fire once for each GATT object discovered. You may control whether it fires when a GATT object is rediscovered by setting the IncludeRediscovered configuration setting.

Keep in mind that having any of the following configuration settings enabled when you call this method may cause additional, unwanted power consumption: AutoDiscoverCharacteristics, AutoDiscoverDescriptors, or AutoDiscoverIncludedServices.

Multi-Level Discovery

string serviceUUIDs = "180A,F000AA70-0451-4000-B000-000000000000,F000AA20-0451-4000-B000-000000000000";
string characteristicUUIDs = ""; //All Characteristics
bool discoverDescriptors = true;
string includedByServiceId = ""; //No included services  
// This will discover all characteristics and descriptors for specific services.
bleclient1.Discover(serviceUUIDs, characteristicUUIDs, discoverDescriptors, includedByServiceId);

// This will discover everything on the server, but won't discover
// the "includes"/"included by" service relationships.
bleclient1.Discover("", "", true, "");

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