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CharacteristicValueFormatCount Property

The number of value formats this characteristic has.



Default Value



The number of value formats this characteristic has.

Characteristics whose values are an aggregate of multiple other values will often have multiple value formats as a result. In such cases, this property's value will be greater than 1, and the CharacteristicValueFormatIndex property can be used to choose which value format the CharacteristicValueFormat, CharacteristicValueExponent, and CharacteristicValueUnit properties are populated with.

Note that, on some platforms, the control might have to automatically discover specific descriptors for the value this returns to be accurate. The control take care of handling this automatic discovery in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

The CharacteristicIndex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the CharacteristicCount property.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

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