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KeyList Event

Lists the keysets in a CSP (see the ListKeys method).


public event OnKeyListHandler OnKeyList;

public delegate void OnKeyListHandler(object sender, CertmgrKeyListEventArgs e);

public class CertmgrKeyListEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string KeyContainer { get; }
  public int KeyType { get; }
  public string AlgId { get; }
  public int KeyLen { get; }
Public Event OnKeyList As OnKeyListHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnKeyListHandler(sender As Object, e As CertmgrKeyListEventArgs)

Public Class CertmgrKeyListEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property KeyContainer As String
  Public ReadOnly Property KeyType As Integer
  Public ReadOnly Property AlgId As String
  Public ReadOnly Property KeyLen As Integer
End Class


The KeyContainer parameter is the name used to identify the keyset (public/private key pair) when it was first created.

KeyType shows the key type: 1 for key exchange (encryption) keys, and 2 for digital signature keys.

KeyLen shows the length of the public key (in bits).

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