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Header Event

Fired every time a header is parsed.


public event OnHeaderHandler OnHeader;

public delegate void OnHeaderHandler(object sender, MimeHeaderEventArgs e);

public class MimeHeaderEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public int PartIndex { get; }
  public string Field { get; }
  public string Value { get; }
public byte[] ValueB { get; } }
Public Event OnHeader As OnHeaderHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnHeaderHandler(sender As Object, e As MimeHeaderEventArgs)

Public Class MimeHeaderEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property PartIndex As Integer
  Public ReadOnly Property Field As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Value As String
Public ReadOnly Property ValueB As Byte() End Class


The PartIndex parameter contains the index of the part containing the current header. If the header is from the MIME body, this value will be -1. The Field parameter contains the name of the MIME header. The Value parameter contains the header contents. The Header event is fired when a header is parsed, which occurs for each header of the Message when DecodeFromFile, DecodeFromString, or DecodeFromStream is called.

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