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MailboxACL Event

Fires for each set of access control rights returned by the server.


public event OnMailboxACLHandler OnMailboxACL;

public delegate void OnMailboxACLHandler(object sender, SimapMailboxACLEventArgs e);

public class SimapMailboxACLEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Mailbox { get; }
  public string User { get; }
  public string Rights { get; }
Public Event OnMailboxACL As OnMailboxACLHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnMailboxACLHandler(sender As Object, e As SimapMailboxACLEventArgs)

Public Class SimapMailboxACLEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Mailbox As String
  Public ReadOnly Property User As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Rights As String
End Class


Fires for each set of access control rights returned by the server after a call to GetMailboxACL. Standard rights include:

lLookup (visible to be listed)
rRead (Can be selected, fetched, searched, and copied)
sKeep seen/unseen information across sessions
wWrite (Store flags other than SEEN and DELETED)
iInsert (Can be appended, and copied into)
pPost (Can send mail to submission address for mailbox)
cCreate (Can create new sub-mailboxes)
dDelete (Store DELETED flag, perform EXPUNGE)
aAdminister (Set access permissions)

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