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MessageInfo Event

Fired with information for the message(s) retrieved by the server.


public event OnMessageInfoHandler OnMessageInfo;

public delegate void OnMessageInfoHandler(object sender, SimapMessageInfoEventArgs e);

public class SimapMessageInfoEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string MessageId { get; }
  public string Subject { get; }
  public string MessageDate { get; }
  public string From { get; }
  public string Flags { get; }
  public long Size { get; }
Public Event OnMessageInfo As OnMessageInfoHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnMessageInfoHandler(sender As Object, e As SimapMessageInfoEventArgs)

Public Class SimapMessageInfoEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property MessageId As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Subject As String
  Public ReadOnly Property MessageDate As String
  Public ReadOnly Property From As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Flags As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Size As Long
End Class


The MessageInfo event is fired when messages are searched, listed, or message information is received.

Id is the Id of the message.

Subject is the message subject.

MessageDate is the date of the message.

From is the email address of the sender.

Flags is a list of flags associated with this message.

Size is the size of the message.

More information may be received from the respective properties, such as: MessageContentType, MessageContentEncoding, MessageRecipients, MessageDeliveryTime, MessageFlags, MessageHeaders, MessageInReplyTo, MessageNetId, MessageReplyTo, MessageSender, MessageSize, MessageSubject, MessageText, etc.

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