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AuthMechanism Property

The authentication mechanism to be used when connecting to the mail server.


public SimapAuthMechanisms AuthMechanism { get; set; }

enum SimapAuthMechanisms { amUserPassword, amCRAMMD5, amNTLM, amAPOP, amSASLPlain, amSASLDigestMD5, amKerberos, amXOAUTH2 }
Public Property AuthMechanism As SimapAuthMechanisms

Enum SimapAuthMechanisms amUserPassword amCRAMMD5 amNTLM amAPOP amSASLPlain amSASLDigestMD5 amKerberos amXOAUTH2 End Enum

Default Value



Auth Mechanism Description
0 (amUserPassword - Default) A user/password pair is sent in plaintext to login. (Default)
1 (amCRAMMD5) CRAM-MD5 authentication.
2 (amNTLM) NTLM authentication.
4 (amSASLPlain) SASLPlain. Note, that servers will often require SSL be used when this authentication mechanism is requested. See AuthorizationIdentity.
5 (amSASLDigestMD5) SASLDigestMD5. See AuthorizationIdentity.
6 (amKerberos) Kerberos authentication. This option is available in Windows or other platforms when using the Java edition.
7 (mXOAUTH) XOAUTH2 authentication. See AuthorizationIdentity.

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