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RecipientInfo Event

Fired for each recipient certificate of the encrypted message.


public event OnRecipientInfoHandler OnRecipientInfo;

public delegate void OnRecipientInfoHandler(object sender, SmimeRecipientInfoEventArgs e);

public class SmimeRecipientInfoEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Issuer { get; }
  public string SerialNumber { get; }
  public string SubjectKeyIdentifier { get; }
  public string EncryptionAlgorithm { get; }
Public Event OnRecipientInfo As OnRecipientInfoHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnRecipientInfoHandler(sender As Object, e As SmimeRecipientInfoEventArgs)

Public Class SmimeRecipientInfoEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Issuer As String
  Public ReadOnly Property SerialNumber As String
  Public ReadOnly Property SubjectKeyIdentifier As String
  Public ReadOnly Property EncryptionAlgorithm As String
End Class


When GetRecipientInfo is called on a valid encrypted message, this event will fire once for each recipient certificate that the message has been encrypted for. This may be used to identify the certificate to load.

Issuer is the subject of the issuer certificate.

SerialNumber is the serial number of the encryption certificate.

SubjectKeyIdentifier is the X.509 subjectKeyIdentifier extension value of the certificate used to sign the message encoded as a hex string.

EncryptionAlgorithm is the encryption algorithm used to encrypt the message. Possible values are:

  • "3DES"
  • "DES"
  • "RC2CBC40"
  • "RC2CBC64"
  • "RC2CBC128" or "RC2"
  • "AESCBC128" or "AES"
  • "AESCBC192"
  • "AESCBC256"

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