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GroupOverview Event

Fired for each line of article overview data (during group overviews).


public event OnGroupOverviewHandler OnGroupOverview;

public delegate void OnGroupOverviewHandler(object sender, SnntpGroupOverviewEventArgs e);

public class SnntpGroupOverviewEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public long ArticleNumber { get; }
  public string Subject { get; }
  public string From { get; }
  public string ArticleDate { get; }
  public string MessageId { get; }
  public string References { get; }
  public long ArticleSize { get; }
  public long ArticleLines { get; }
  public string OtherHeaders { get; }
Public Event OnGroupOverview As OnGroupOverviewHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnGroupOverviewHandler(sender As Object, e As SnntpGroupOverviewEventArgs)

Public Class SnntpGroupOverviewEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property ArticleNumber As Long
  Public ReadOnly Property Subject As String
  Public ReadOnly Property From As String
  Public ReadOnly Property ArticleDate As String
  Public ReadOnly Property MessageId As String
  Public ReadOnly Property References As String
  Public ReadOnly Property ArticleSize As Long
  Public ReadOnly Property ArticleLines As Long
  Public ReadOnly Property OtherHeaders As String
End Class


ArticleNumber contains the number of the article within the group.

Subject contains the subject of the article.

From contains the email address of the article author.

ArticleDate contains the date the article was posted.

MessageId contains the unique message id for the article.

References contains the message ids for the articles this article refers to (separated by spaces).

ArticleSize contains the size of the article in bytes.

ArticleLines contains the number of lines in the article.

OtherHeaders contains any other article headers that NewsServer chooses to display for the article.

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