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MessageList Event

Fired for every message listed by ListMessageSizes and/or ListMessageUIDs .


public event OnMessageListHandler OnMessageList;

public delegate void OnMessageListHandler(object sender, SpopMessageListEventArgs e);

public class SpopMessageListEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public int MessageNumber { get; }
  public string MessageUID { get; }
  public int MessageSize { get; }
Public Event OnMessageList As OnMessageListHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnMessageListHandler(sender As Object, e As SpopMessageListEventArgs)

Public Class SpopMessageListEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property MessageNumber As Integer
  Public ReadOnly Property MessageUID As String
  Public ReadOnly Property MessageSize As Integer
End Class


When ListMessageSizes is called, MessageSize is valid, and MessageUID is always an empty string.

When ListMessageUIDs is called, MessageUID is valid, and MessageSize is 0.

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