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partDecodedFile (property)

The filename with the decoded data.


- (NSString*)partDecodedFile:(int)partIdx;
- (void)setPartDecodedFile:(int)partIdx:(NSString*)newPartDecodedFile;
public func partDecodedFile(partIdx: Int32) throws -> String
public func setPartDecodedFile(partIdx: Int32, newPartDecodedFile: String) throws -> Void

Default Value



The filename with the decoded data. Accessing this property for the first time after calling the DecodeFromString or DecodeFromFile method, directs the class to actually decode the part and save the data in a temporary file. The user is responsible for deleting the temporary file.

Setting a value to PartDecodedFile directs the component to calculate the file size and fill out the respective PartSize.

The PartIdx parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the PartCount property.

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