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partDecodedString (property)

This property holds the actual content of each part.


- (NSString*)partDecodedString:(int)partIdx;
- (void)setPartDecodedString:(int)partIdx:(NSString*)newPartDecodedString;

- (NSData*)partDecodedStringB:(int)partIdx; - (void)setPartDecodedStringB:(int)partIdx:(NSData*)newPartDecodedString;
public func partDecodedString(partIdx: Int32) throws -> String
public func setPartDecodedString(partIdx: Int32, newPartDecodedString: String) throws -> Void
public func partDecodedStringB(partIdx: Int32) throws -> Data
public func setPartDecodedStringB(partIdx: Int32, newPartDecodedString: Data) throws -> Void

Default Value



This property holds the actual content of each part. The class decodes the actual part of Message to PartDecodedString when PartDecodedString's value is first queried.

Setting a value to PartDecodedString fills out the corresponding PartSize with the string size if the corresponding PartDecodedFile is empty.

The class checks during encoding first PartDecodedFile: if it is empty then the class uses the value of PartDecodedString.

The PartIdx parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the PartCount property.

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