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EncodeToFile Method

Encodes to file.

Object Oriented Interface

public function doEncodeToFile();

Procedural Interface



This method encodes the data given in Parts properties (either decoded file or decoded string) into a MIME message at Message and MessageHeaders using the values optionally given in Parts properties. To encode several objects into a MIME envelope, the user should first clear any old values left in the Parts properties.

The class will check for each item in Parts properties (first decoded file and then the decoded string) for the data to encode.

The encoded message will be saved in the file pointed to by Message; the message headers will be held by MessageHeaders.

Example (Encoding Data)

MIMEControl.PartCount = 2
MIMEControl.PartDecodedString(0) = "This is plain text data"
MIMEControl.PartEncoding(0) = peQuotedPrintable
MIMEControl.PartContentType(0) = "text/plain"
MIMEControl.PartDecodedFile(1) = "C:\filename.txt"
MIMEControl.Message = "temp.tmp"

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