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EndTransfer Event

Fired when the article text completes transferring.

Object Oriented Interface

public function fireEndTransfer($param);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssmime_snntp_register_callback($res, 2, array($this, 'fireEndTransfer'));

Parameter List



The purpose of the EndTransfer event is twofold: during article retrieval it fires when the article body finishes transferring from the NewsServer to the local host, and during article posting it fires after the article body has been sent to the NewsServer.

If ArticleText is not empty, the EndTransfer event is fired when the ArticleText finishes transferring from the local host to the NewsServer. If ArticleText is empty, the event is not fired.

If a file is attached to the ArticleText via the AttachedFile property, then EndTransfer fires again when the file finishes transferring. Please go to the description of the AttachedFile property for more information.

The Direction parameter shows whether the client (0) or the server (1) is sending the data.

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