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on_signer_cert_info Event

Fired during verification of the signed message.


class SMIMESignerCertInfoEventParams(object):
  def issuer() -> str: ...
  def serial_number() -> str: ...
  def subject_key_identifier() -> str: ...
  def cert_encoded() -> bytes: ...

# In class SMIME:
def on_signer_cert_info() -> Callable[[SMIMESignerCertInfoEventParams], None]: ...
def on_signer_cert_info(event_hook: Callable[[SMIMESignerCertInfoEventParams], None]) -> None: ...


During verification, this event will be raised while parsing the signer's certificate information. The parameters which are populated depends on the options used when the message was originally signed. This information may be used to select the correct certificate for signer_cert in order to verify the signature. The following parameters may be populated.

Issuer specifies the subject of the issuer of the certificate used to sign the message.

SerialNumber is the serial number of the certificate used to sign the message.

SubjectKeyIdentifier is the X.509 subjectKeyIdentifier extension value of the certificate used to sign the message encoded as a hex string.

CertEncoded is the PEM (base64 encoded) public certificate needed to verify the signature. Note: when this value is present the class will automatically use this value to perform signature verification.

The signer_cert property may be set from within this event. In this manner the decision of which signer certificat to load may be delayed until the parameters of this event are inspected and the correct certificate can be located and loaded.

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