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on_group_list Event

Fired while group data transfers (during group listings).


class SNNTPGroupListEventParams(object):
  def group() -> str: ...
  def first_article() -> int: ...
  def last_article() -> int: ...
  def can_post() -> bool: ...

# In class SNNTP:
def on_group_list() -> Callable[[SNNTPGroupListEventParams], None]: ...
def on_group_list(event_hook: Callable[[SNNTPGroupListEventParams], None]) -> None: ...


The on_group_list event is fired for every group reported by the news_server when the list_groups or list_new_groups method is called.

The Group parameter shows the name of the group.

The FirstArticle and LastArticle parameters contain the article numbers for the first and last articles in the group.

The CanPost is True or False depending on whether article posting is allowed in the group specified by Group.

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