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other_headers Property

An RFC850 compliant string consisting of extra headers (for posting articles).


def get_other_headers() -> str: ...
def set_other_headers(value: str) -> None: ...

other_headers = property(get_other_headers, set_other_headers)

Default Value



This property contains a string of headers to be appended to the message headers created from other properties like from_, subject, etc.

The headers must be of the format "header: value" as specified in RFC 850. [Header lines should be separated by CRLF ("\r\n") .

Use this property with caution. If this property contains invalid headers, article posting might not be successful.

This property is useful for extending the functionality of the class. A good example is posting of MIME attachments.

SPECIAL CASE: if this property starts with an empty line (CRLF), then the value of this property is used instead of the normally computed article headers.

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