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MibNode Event

This event fires once for every child or successor of the currently selected node when invoking ListChildren or ListSuccessors .


type TMibNodeEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  const NodeLabel: String;
  const NodeOid: String;
  NodeType: Integer;
  const NodeTypeString: String;
  NodeSyntax: Integer;
  const NodeSyntaxString: String;
  NodeAccess: Integer;
  const NodeIndex: String;
  const NodeParentName: String;
  const NodeDescription: String;
  const NodeModuleName: String;
  const NodeFileName: String
) of Object;

property OnMibNode: TMibNodeEvent read FOnMibNode write FOnMibNode;


When calling either ListChildren or ListSuccessors, the MibNode event will fire once for every child of the currently selected node. The ListChildren method will cause the event will fire once for each of the immediate children of the current node. ListSuccessors cause this event to fire for each of the immediate children of the current node, as well as the entire tree of successors of those children.

NodeLabel is the name or textual representation of the current node, and is unique to its siblings. The NodeOid is the OID of the listed node and uniquely identifies the node within the entire MIB. The remaining parameters offer additional information about the listed node.

Information about the listed node is only available through the MibNode event parameters. All component properties remain related to the currently selected node.

If a MibNode is declared in more than one file or module, then the NodeFileName and NodeModuleName parameters will contain a comma separated list of files/modules where the node is declared.

For instance, the following code:

MibParser.SelectNode("internet") // OID
will generate the following output through the event:

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