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TrapNode Event

Lists module trap information.


type TTrapNodeEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  const TrapName: String;
  SpecificTrap: Integer;
  const TrapEnterprise: String;
  const TrapVariables: String;
  const TrapDescription: String;
  const TrapReferences: String;
  const TrapModuleName: String;
  const TrapFileName: String
) of Object;

property OnTrapNode: TTrapNodeEvent read FOnTrapNode write FOnTrapNode;


When calling ListTraps, the TrapNode event fires once for every trap found in the module.

The following are the descriptions of the event parameters:

TrapNameThe name of the trap (its label).
TrapSpecificTrapThe specific id of this trap.
TrapEnterpriseThe defining entity.
TrapVariablesA comma separated list of the symbols that should be present inside the trap.
TrapDescriptionA textual memo about the node.
TrapModuleNameThe module that contains the trap definition.
TrapFileNameThe filename of the MIB where the trap is defined.

If a trap has been defined in more than one module or file, then ModuleName and FileName will contain a comma separated list of values.

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