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NodeSyntax Property

The syntax of the selected node.


property NodeSyntax: TipnTNodeSyntaxes read get_NodeSyntax;
TipnTNodeSyntaxes = ( stxBoolean, stxInteger, stxBitString, stxOctetString, stxNull, stxObjectId, stxEnumerated, stxSequenceOf, stxSequence, stxSet, stxChoice, stxNetworkAddress, stxIpAddress, stxCounter, stxGauge, stxTimeTicks, stxOpaque, stxNSAP, stxCounter64, stxUInteger, stxUnknown );

Default Value



The syntax defines what type of data the selected node contains. Common data types include:

Boolean (1) Boolean variable.
Integer (2) A 32-bit signed integer.
OctetString (4) An octet string variable that is binary or textual data.
Null (5) NULL value.
ObjectId (6) Object identifier.
IpAddress (64) A 32-bit Internet address (aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd)
Counter (65) A counter that increases until it reaches a maximum value of (2^32).
Gauge (66) A non-negative int that can increase or decrease, but never exceed a maximum value.
TimeTicks (67) A counter that measures time in hundredths of a second.
Opaque (68) This type supports the capability to pass ASN.1 syntax.
Counter64 (70) A counter that increases until it reaches a maximum value of (2^64).
UInteger (71) A 32-bit unsigned integer.

Additional type definitions can be found in the SNMP RFC's.

This property is read-only.

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