IPWorks SNMP 2020 Delphi Edition

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DiscoveryResponse Event

Fired when an SNMPv3 discovery response is received.


type TDiscoveryResponseEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  EngineId: String;
  EngineIdB: TBytes;
  EngineBoots: Integer;
  EngineTime: Integer;
  const User: String;
  SecurityLevel: Integer;
  const SourceAddress: String;
  SourcePort: Integer
) of Object;

property OnDiscoveryResponse: TDiscoveryResponseEvent read FOnDiscoveryResponse write FOnDiscoveryResponse;


EngineId, EngineBoots, EngineTime, and User are the values received from SourceAddress and SourcePort.

The SecurityLevel parameter shows whether the request has been authenticated. If SecurityLevel is 0, the request has NOT been authenticated (i.e. the packet signature has not been verified). For an authenticated request, SecurityLevel is at least 1.

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