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HashPassword Event

Fired before and after a password is hashed.


type THashPasswordEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  const Password: String;
  AuthAlgorithm: Integer;
  var Hash: String
) of Object;

property OnHashPassword: THashPasswordEvent read FOnHashPassword write FOnHashPassword;


SNMPv3 passwords are hashed in order to obtain authentication and encryption keys. This is an expensive operation, and in certain situations it may be preferable to store the hashed passwords externally and supply them on demand.

If a hash is required, the event fires with an empty string in the Hash parameter. In this case, you can choose to supply a value for the hash and stop the component from computing the hash.

The event also fires every time a hash is computed. In this case, the Hash parameter contains the value of the computed hash.

AuthAlgorithm contains either 1 for HMAC-MD5-96, 2 for HMAC-SHA-96 or 3 for HMAC-192-SHA-256

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