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Report Event

Fired when a Report packet is received.


type TReportEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  RequestId: Integer;
  SNMPVersion: Integer;
  const Community: String;
  const User: String;
  SecurityLevel: Integer;
  const SourceAddress: String;
  SourcePort: Integer;
  ErrorIndex: Integer;
  ErrorStatus: Integer;
  const ErrorDescription: String
) of Object;

property OnReport: TReportEvent read FOnReport write FOnReport;


For SNMPv3, the User parameter shows the user that was supplied with the packet. This parameter MUST be used together with the SecurityLevel parameter which shows the level of security in the message.

The SecurityLevel parameter shows whether the request has been authenticated. If SecurityLevel is 0, the request has NOT been authenticated (i.e. the packet signature has not been verified). For an authenticated, non encrypted request, SecurityLevel is 1. For an authenticated and encrypted request, SecurityLevel is 2.

The list of variables in the SNMP packet, including optional values and types, is provided through the Objects collection. Each object is of type SNMPObject. This type describes the Oid, ObjectType, and Value of each SNMP object. These variables must be copied to another location before the event has completed executing, or they may be overridden by other events.

The SourceAddress and SourcePort parameters show the address and port of the sender as reported by the TCP/IP stack.

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