IPWorks SNMP 2020 Delphi Edition

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BadPacket Event

Fired for erroneous and/or malformed messages.


type TBadPacketEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  Packet: String;
  PacketB: TBytes;
  const SourceAddress: String;
  SourcePort: Integer;
  ErrorCode: Integer;
  const ErrorDescription: String;
  var Report: Boolean
) of Object;

property OnBadPacket: TBadPacketEvent read FOnBadPacket write FOnBadPacket;


The full message is provided in the Packet parameter.

The BadPacket event is also fired when authentication fails for received packets due to a bad password or other reasons.

If the Report parameter is set to True, an unauthenticated error report will be sent to the client, otherwise the packet will be silently ignored.

Please refer to the GetUserPassword event for more information concerning SNMPv3 authentication.

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