CertUsageFlags Property

Flags that show intended use for the certificate.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getCertUsageFlags();
public function setCertUsageFlags($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssnmp_certmgr_get($res, 22 );
ipworkssnmp_certmgr_set($res, 22, $value );

Default Value



Flags that show intended use for the certificate. The value of CertUsageFlags is a combination of the following flags:

0x80Digital Signatures
0x40Key Authentication
0x20Key Encryption
0x10Data Encryption
0x08Key Agreement
0x04Certificate Signing
0x02Key Signing

Please refer to the CertUsage property for a text representation of CertUsageFlags.

This functionality is currently not available when the provider is OpenSSL.

Data Type


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