SelectNode Method

Used to select individual nodes in the loaded MIB module(s).

Object Oriented Interface

public function doSelectNode($selector);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssnmp_mibbrowser_do_selectnode($res, $selector);


SelectNode is used for selecting individual nodes and should be called before querying node information.

The Selector parameter can be a label such as "internet", an OID such as "", a combination of the two: "iso.3.dod.internet", or a label in a particular module such as "RFC1213-MIB!interfaces".

Either '.' or ':' can be used to separate SubIds. If a SubId starts with "0x" or follows the ":" separator then its hexadecimal value is used. For instance, "0x1.0x3.0x6.0x1A" is the same as "1:3:6:1A".

All properties and methods of the class will operate on the selected node. For example, calling ListSuccessors will only list the successors of the selected node.

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