ExactMatch Property

Controls the way the OID matching is done (complete or partial).

Object Oriented Interface

public function getExactMatch();
public function setExactMatch($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssnmp_mibbrowser_get($res, 1 );
ipworkssnmp_mibbrowser_set($res, 1, $value );

Default Value



If ExactMatch is set to True, the SelectNode method will try to find an exact match for the supplied selector. If not found, an exception will be thrown.

If ExactMatch is set to False, the SelectNode method will start from the root (iso) and will go as far as it can, finding the closest match for the requested node.

For instance, in SNMPv2-MIB sysUpTime is defined as "". If ExactMatch is False, calling SelectNode with selector "" will populate NodeLabel with "sysUpTime.0" while the same call with ExactMatch set to True will fail since that exact OID is not defined in the MIB.

Data Type


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