SendSecureResponse Method

Sends an authenticated and/or encrypted SNMPv3 response.

Object Oriented Interface

public function doSendSecureResponse($remotehost, $remoteport, $requestid, $messageid, $errorstatus, $errorindex, $user, $authenticationprotocol, $authenticationpassword, $encryptionalgorithm, $encryptionpassword);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssnmp_snmpagent_do_sendsecureresponse($res, $remotehost, $remoteport, $requestid, $messageid, $errorstatus, $errorindex, $user, $authenticationprotocol, $authenticationpassword, $encryptionalgorithm, $encryptionpassword);


Similar to the SendResponse method except that User, Authentication Protocol, and AuthenticationPassword are used to authenticate the response. EncryptionAlgorithm and EncryptionPassword (if not empty) are used to encrypt the response.

The MessageId argument must match the MessageId parameter obtained from the GetRequest, GetNextRequest, SetRequest, or GetBulkRequest event.

The user and password arguments used to send the response will be added to the internal user cache. If the user is already in the cache, its passwords will be updated with those supplied.

Valid Authentication Protocols are:

HMAC-MD5-96 (1)Message-Digest algorithm 5.
HMAC-SHA-96 (2)Secure Hash Algorithm.
HMAC-192-SHA-256 (3)Secure Hash Algorithm.
HMAC-384-SHA-512 (4)Secure Hash Algorithm.

Valid Encryption Algorithms are:

DES (1)Data Encryption Standard.
AES (2)Advanced Encryption Standard with key length of 128.
3DES (3)Triple Data Encryption Standard.
AES192 (4)Advanced Encryption Standard with key length of 192.
AES256 (5)Advanced Encryption Standard with key length of 256.

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