RemoteEngineId Property

The Engine Id of the remote agent.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getRemoteEngineId();
public function setRemoteEngineId($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssnmp_snmptcpmgr_get($res, 20 );
ipworkssnmp_snmptcpmgr_set($res, 20, $value );

Default Value



This property is only used for SNMPv3 packets (see SNMPVersion), and is reset every time RemoteHost or RemotePort changes.

RemoteEngineId is normally discovered through the Discover method. However, by manually supplying a value for the property, RemoteEngineId discovery step may be eliminated, thus avoiding the extra roundtrip to the agent (RemoteEngineBoots and RemoteEngineTime are also required for User authentication - please refer to the Discover method for more information).

Data Type

Binary String

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