AddUser Method

Adds a user for the engine specified by EngineId to the internal authentication cache.

Object Oriented Interface

public function doAddUser($user, $engineid, $authenticationprotocol, $authenticationpassword, $encryptionalgorithm, $encryptionpassword);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssnmp_snmptcptrapmgr_do_adduser($res, $user, $engineid, $authenticationprotocol, $authenticationpassword, $encryptionalgorithm, $encryptionpassword);


The internal authentication cache can be used as an alternative to the GetUserPassword event, automatically checking the cache against the security parameters provided in the request signature.

The ShowCache method is used to show the contents of the internal authentication cache.

The ClearCache method can be used to completely clear the cache.

Valid Authentication Protocols are:

HMAC-MD5-96 (1)Message-Digest algorithm 5.
HMAC-SHA-96 (2)Secure Hash Algorithm.
HMAC-192-SHA-256 (3)Secure Hash Algorithm.
HMAC-384-SHA-512 (4)Secure Hash Algorithm.

Valid Encryption Algorithms are:

DES (1)Data Encryption Standard.
AES (2)Advanced Encryption Standard with key length of 128.
3DES (3)Triple Data Encryption Standard.
AES192 (4)Advanced Encryption Standard with key length of 192.
AES256 (5)Advanced Encryption Standard with key length of 256.

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