LocalPort Property

The port in the local host where the class is bound to.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getLocalPort();
public function setLocalPort($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworkssnmp_snmptcptrapmgr_get($res, 5 );
ipworkssnmp_snmptcptrapmgr_set($res, 5, $value );

Default Value



The LocalPort property must be set before the class is activated (Active is set to True). It instructs the class to bind to a specific port (or communication endpoint) in the local machine.

The default port is 162 (standard trap port). If that port is busy, an error will be returned, unless the ForceLocalPort configuration setting is set to False, in which case a random port will be chosen.

LocalPort cannot be changed once the class is Active. Any attempt to set the LocalPort property when the class is Active will generate an error.

Note: on macOS and iOS, root permissions are required to set LocalPort to any value below 1024.

Data Type


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