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AMQPClassic Errors

AMQPClassic Errors

311   AMQP Channel Error content-too-large: Content too large.
312   AMQP Channel Error no-route: Cannot deliver message published with "mandatory" flag set; message cannot be routed to any queue.
313   AMQP Channel Error no-consumers: Cannot deliver message published with "immediate" flag set; all possible queues are either non-empty or have no consumers.
320   AMQP Connection Error connection-forced: Connection forced to close.
402   AMQP Connection Error invalid-path: Invalid virtual host path specified.
403   AMQP Channel Error access-refused: Attempted to work with a server entity (exchange, queue, etc.) without necessary permissions.
404   AMQP Channel Error not-found: Attempted to work with a server entity (exchange, queue, etc.) that does not exist.
405   AMQP Channel Error resource-locked: Attempted to work with a server entity (exchange, queue, etc.) that is currently locked by another client.
406   AMQP Channel Error precondition-failed: Request failed due to one or more precondition failures.
501   AMQP Connection Error frame-error: Server received an AMQP frame that it could not decode.
502   AMQP Connection Error syntax-error: Server received an AMQP frame that contained illegal values for one or more fields.
503   AMQP Connection Error command-invalid: Server received an invalid sequence of frame, attempting to perform an invalid operation.
504   AMQP Connection Error channel-error: Attempted to work with a channel that does not exist (or was not opened correctly).
505   AMQP Connection Error unexpected-frame: Server received a frame that was unexpected, typically with regards to the content header and body.
506   AMQP Connection Error resource-error: Server could not complete the request due to insufficient resources.
530   AMQP Connection Error not-allowed: Attempted to work with some server entity (exchange, queue, etc.) in a manner that is not allowed.
540   AMQP Connection Error not-implemented: Requested an operation not supported by the server.
541   AMQP Connection Error internal-error: The server encountered an internal error while attempting to process the request.
600   General AMQP protocol error. Refer to the error message for more information.
601   Cannot open another channel.
602   Cannot modify message data.
603   Cannot publish message on inactive channel.
604   Action not supported.
606   Cannot modify configuration setting.

IPPort Errors

100   You cannot change the RemotePort at this time. A connection is in progress.
101   You cannot change the RemoteHost (Server) at this time. A connection is in progress.
102   The RemoteHost address is invalid (
104   Already connected. If you want to reconnect, close the current connection first.
106   You cannot change the LocalPort at this time. A connection is in progress.
107   You cannot change the LocalHost at this time. A connection is in progress.
112   You cannot change MaxLineLength at this time. A connection is in progress.
116   RemotePort cannot be zero. Please specify a valid service port number.
117   Cannot change UseConnection option while the class is Active.
135   Operation would block.
201   Timeout.
211   Action impossible in control's present state.
212   Action impossible while not connected.
213   Action impossible while listening.
301   Timeout.
302   Could not open file.
434   Unable to convert string to selected CodePage
1105   Already connecting. If you want to reconnect, close the current connection first.
1117   You need to connect first.
1119   You cannot change the LocalHost at this time. A connection is in progress.
1120   Connection dropped by remote host.

SSL Errors

270   Cannot load specified security library.
271   Cannot open certificate store.
272   Cannot find specified certificate.
273   Cannot acquire security credentials.
274   Cannot find certificate chain.
275   Cannot verify certificate chain.
276   Error during handshake.
280   Error verifying certificate.
281   Could not find client certificate.
282   Could not find server certificate.
283   Error encrypting data.
284   Error decrypting data.

TCP/IP Errors

10004   [10004] Interrupted system call.
10009   [10009] Bad file number.
10013   [10013] Access denied.
10014   [10014] Bad address.
10022   [10022] Invalid argument.
10024   [10024] Too many open files.
10035   [10035] Operation would block.
10036   [10036] Operation now in progress.
10037   [10037] Operation already in progress.
10038   [10038] Socket operation on non-socket.
10039   [10039] Destination address required.
10040   [10040] Message too long.
10041   [10041] Protocol wrong type for socket.
10042   [10042] Bad protocol option.
10043   [10043] Protocol not supported.
10044   [10044] Socket type not supported.
10045   [10045] Operation not supported on socket.
10046   [10046] Protocol family not supported.
10047   [10047] Address family not supported by protocol family.
10048   [10048] Address already in use.
10049   [10049] Can't assign requested address.
10050   [10050] Network is down.
10051   [10051] Network is unreachable.
10052   [10052] Net dropped connection or reset.
10053   [10053] Software caused connection abort.
10054   [10054] Connection reset by peer.
10055   [10055] No buffer space available.
10056   [10056] Socket is already connected.
10057   [10057] Socket is not connected.
10058   [10058] Can't send after socket shutdown.
10059   [10059] Too many references, can't splice.
10060   [10060] Connection timed out.
10061   [10061] Connection refused.
10062   [10062] Too many levels of symbolic links.
10063   [10063] File name too long.
10064   [10064] Host is down.
10065   [10065] No route to host.
10066   [10066] Directory not empty
10067   [10067] Too many processes.
10068   [10068] Too many users.
10069   [10069] Disc Quota Exceeded.
10070   [10070] Stale NFS file handle.
10071   [10071] Too many levels of remote in path.
10091   [10091] Network subsystem is unavailable.
10092   [10092] WINSOCK DLL Version out of range.
10093   [10093] Winsock not loaded yet.
11001   [11001] Host not found.
11002   [11002] Non-authoritative 'Host not found' (try again or check DNS setup).
11003   [11003] Non-recoverable errors: FORMERR, REFUSED, NOTIMP.
11004   [11004] Valid name, no data record (check DNS setup).

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