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EnablePublishConfirms Method

Enables publish confirmations mode for a channel.


async amqpclassic.enablePublishConfirms(channelName : string, noWait : boolean): Promise<void>


This method enables publish confirmations mode for the channel with the given ChannelName.

While a channel is in publish confirmations mode, the server will acknowledge each message published by the class. The class will wait to fire the MessageOut event until it receives this acknowledgement. (Note that this mode is only available when the RabbitMQCompatible configuration setting is enabled.)

Note that a channel will stay in publish confirmations mode, once enabled, until it is deleted.

The NoWait parameter, if True, will cause the server to execute the request asynchronously. For asynchronous request handling, the server only sends back a response in case of an error.

An exception is thrown if the RabbitMQCompatible configuration setting is currently False, if no channel with the given ChannelName exists, or if EnableTransactionMode has been called for the specified channel previously.

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