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Listening Property

Whether the class should operate in server mode by listening for incoming requests.


 isListening(): boolean;

async  setListening(listening: boolean): void;

Default Value



This property controls whether the class operates in server mode or client mode.

When this property is disabled (default), the class operate in client mode, allowing applications to send requests using the Get, Post, SendCustomRequest, etc. methods.

When this property is enabled, the class listens on LocalPort for incoming CoAP requests, firing the Request event anytime one arrives. Applications can service these requests directly during Request events, or send separate responses later using the SendResponse method.

Note: Applications that wish to use the class in server mode should set the LocalPort property to the desired listening port (such as 5683, the standard CoAP port) before enabling this property. Otherwise the system will choose a port at random.

This property is not available at design time.

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