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RegisterTopic Method

Register a topic name. Returns the topic id mapped to the newly registered topic name.


async mqttsn.registerTopic(topicName : string): Promise<number>


Requests that the gateway establish a new topic id mapping for the TopicName provided. If accepted, the gateway assigns a topic id to the received topic name and returns it. At this point, the client may begin sending messages with this topic id.

Topic Names

Topic names are case-sensitive, must be 1-65535 characters long, and may include any characters except wildcard characters (# and +) and the null character. The / character separates levels within a topic name, which is important in the context of subscribing (see Subscribe for more information).

Keep in mind that using topic names with leading or trailing / characters will cause topic levels with zero-length names to be created. That is, a topic name like /a/b/ consists of the levels '', 'a', 'b', and ''. Depending on the server, multiple successive /s may also cause zero-length levels to be created, or may be treated as a single /.

Topic names that begin with a $ are "system topics", and servers will typically prevent clients from publishing to them.

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