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Connected Property

Triggers a connection or disconnection.


 isConnected(): boolean;

async  setConnected(connected: boolean): void;

Default Value



This property triggers a connection or disconnection. Setting this property to True makes the class send a CONNECT packet to the MQTTSN Gateway identified by the RemoteHost property. If successful, after the connection is achieved the value of the property changes to True and the Connected event is fired.

Setting this property to False sends a DISCONNECT packet, closing the connection.

When connecting to an MQTT gateway, the class sends the following information:

Refer to CleanSession for more information about MQTT sessions; refer to WillTopic, WillMessage, WillQOS and WillRetain for more information about MQTT Wills.

Basic Connection Example

mqttsn1.ClientId = "testClient";
mqttsn1.CleanSession = true;
mqttsn1.KeepAliveInterval = 30;
mqttsn1.WillTopic = "wills/" + mqttsn1.ClientId;
mqttsn1.WillMessage = mqttsn1.ClientId + " was disconnected ungracefully!";
mqttsn1.Connect(host, port);

This property is not available at design time.

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