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ReceiptIn Event

Fires when the class receives a receipt from the server.


stomp.on('ReceiptIn', listener: (e: {readonly receiptId: string}) => void )


This event fires anytime the class receives a receipt (that is, a confirmation that the server has received one or more frames) from the server. The ReceiptId parameter reflects the value of the receipt-id header in the incoming RECEIPT frame.

Note that receipts are cumulative, and a STOMP server is not required to send back discrete receipts for each frame it receives that has a receipt header. For example, if the class has sent four message frames with the following receipt header values (in chronological order):

  1. SEND-3
  2. SEND-4
  3. SEND-5
  4. SEND-6
then the server could, at some point, send back a single receipt with a receipt-id header value of SEND-5 to confirm that it has received the first three frames.

Refer to RequestReceipts for more information about receipts.

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