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Connected Property

Triggers a connection or disconnection.


 isConnected(): boolean;

async  setConnected(connected: boolean): void;

Default Value



This property triggers a connection or disconnection. Setting this property to True makes the class attempt to connect to the host identified by the RemoteHost property. If successful, after the connection is achieved the value of the property changes to True and the Connected event is fired.

Setting this property to False closes the connection.

When connecting to a STOMP server, the class sends information from the following properties, if populated:

In addition to the above properties, the following configuration settings can be set before connecting (though in most cases this is not necessary):

  • SupportedVersions: Controls which STOMP versions the class advertises support for.
  • VirtualHost: Controls the virtual host to connect to. If left empty (default), the value from RemoteHost is used.

This property is not available at design time.

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