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IQ Event

This event is fired for IQ messages not normally supported by the class.


xmpp.on('IQ', listener: (e: {readonly iq: string, readonly id: string, readonly from: string, readonly iqType: string, ignore: boolean}) => void )


Some servers may wish to gather some data from the client in ways not specified by the XMPP RFC. This event will contain any IQ message that is not a part of the Jabber specification. The Iq parameter will contain an entire XML entity, and thus will require both knowledge of XML and knowledge of the possible contents of the IQ message to parse. Id will contain the transaction id of the IQ message. From will contain the sender's Jabber ID. IqType will have one of the following values:

"get"The IQ is requesting information from this XMPP client.
"set"The IQ is attempting to set a value..
"result"The IQ is a success response to a previous IQ.
"error"The IQ is an error response to a previous IQ.

Note: to respond to these IQs, you may use the SendCommand method.

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