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Remove Method

This method will remove an entity from this entity's roster.


async xmpp.remove(jabberId : string, name : string, group : string): Promise<void>


JabberId is the Jabber ID of the entity to be removed. It should be of form "user@host". If no hostname is specified, the class will assume the user's account is with the server in IMServer, and will append that hostname to JabberId before sending the request.

Name should contain the name that is to be associated with JabberId in this entity's roster. It may be the empty string, "".

Groups may be either the empty string ("") or a comma- separated list of groups from which JabberId is to be removed. If no group is specified, the buddy will be completely removed from the buddy list.

After calling the Remove method, the server will remove the entry from the server-side roster, and will push the result out to all connected resources. A BuddyUpdate event will fire with subscription of type subscriptionRemove, and the entry will be removed from the Jabber class's internally stored list.

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