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SendMessage Method

This method will send a message to the specified user.


async xmpp.sendMessage(jabberId : string): Promise<string>


JabberId is the intended recipient of the message. It is of the form user@domain/resource. If a resource is not supplied, all logged-in instances of the user's account will receive the message.

The class associates several properties with messages it receives and sends. When it receives a message, the class will parse out the corresponding values and set these properties before firing a MessageIn event. After the event returns control to the class, the properties will be cleared (ie, they will be set to the empty string, "").

Before sending a message, the application should set the appropriate properties to be associated with the message. The class will send only properties with non-empty string values (""), and will clear all properties after a successful send.

The associated properties are the following:

MessageTypethe type of the message to be sent
MessageSubjectfor "headline" type messages, this is the subject
MessageThreadfor "chat" type messages, this is the thread on which the current message is a follow-up
MessageTextthe plain text of the message
MessageHTMLthe HTML version of the message
MessageOtherDataany extra data associated with the message but not required by the protocol.

If the parameter passed to SendMessage is prefixed with "@" the component will interpret the value as a domain when constructing the message. This allows for sending directly to sub-domains.

Note: the XMPP class will generate and return a unique identifier for each message sent. This identifier can be used to track messages in conjunction with various Jabber Extension Protocols.

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