IPPacket Event

Fired whenever a packet is received.


Sub ipmonitorcontrol_IPPacket(SourceAddress As String, SourcePort As Integer, DestinationAddress As String, DestinationPort As Integer, IPVersion As Integer, TOS As Integer, Id As Integer, Flags As Integer, Offset As Integer, TTL As Integer, Checksum As Integer, IPProtocol As Integer, Payload As String, Timestamp As Long64)


When Active is True or ParsePcapFile is called, the control will listen for network traffic or parse the provided file, respectively. For each packet sent across the interface in LocalHost, the control will parse the packet and fire an IPPacket event with the header fields and payload. The parameters are defined as follows:

SourceAddressThe IP address of the originating host in IP dotted format.
DestinationAddressThe IP address of the destination host in IP dotted format.
IPVersionThe IP protocol version being used by this packet.
TOSThe type of service being used by this packet.
IdThe packet id used to identify and track packets.
FlagsFlags relating to the status of the packet and desired responses.
OffsetThe fragment offset of this packet in relation to larger data.
TTLThe time to live for this packet.
IPProtocolThe IP protocol used in the payload.
PayloadThe data field of the IP packet. This field may contain extra IP headers, depending upon the IP protocol used to create it.
TimestampThis is the number of microseconds from the UNIX Epoch (1977-01-01). This is only available when parsing files.


Bit 0, 1, 2Precedence (see below)
Bit 3Delay (0 = Normal, 1 = Low)
Bit 4Throughput (0 = Normal, 1 = High)
Bit 5Reliability (0 = Normal, 1 = High)


100Flash Override
110Internetwork Control
111Network Control


Bit 0Always zero
Bit 1Don't Fragment (0 = May Fragment, 1 = Don't Fragment)
Bit 2More Fragments (0 = Last Fragment, 1 = More Fragments)

IPProtocol - for a full list, visit www.iana.org.


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