DataToSend Property

A string of data to be sent to the remote host.



Default Value



Assigning a string to the DataToSend property makes the control send the string to the remote host. The Send method provides similar functionality.

If you are sending data to the remote host faster than it can process it, or faster than the network's bandwidth allows, the outgoing queue might fill up. When this happens, DataToSend fails with error 25036: "[10035] Operation would block" (WSAEWOULDBLOCK). You can trap this error, and then try to send the data again. The BytesSent property shows how many bytes were sent (if any). If 0 bytes were sent, then you can wait for the ReadyToSend event before attempting to send data again. (However, please note that ReadyToSend is not fired when part of the data is successfully sent).

To read or write binary data to the property, a Variant (Byte Array) version is provided in .DataToSendB.

This property is write-only and not available at design time.

Data Type

Binary String

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