FollowRedirects Property

Determines what happens when the server issues a redirect.


public int getFollowRedirects();
public void setFollowRedirects(int followRedirects);

Enumerated values: public final static int frNever = 0; public final static int frAlways = 1; public final static int frSameScheme = 2;


This property determines what happens when the server issues a redirect. Normally, the component returns an error if the server responds with an "Object Moved" message. If this property is set to frAlways (1), the new URL for the object is retrieved automatically every time.

If this property is set to frSameScheme (2), the new URL is retrieved automatically only if the URLScheme is the same, otherwise the component throws an exception.

Note that following the HTTP specification, unless this property is set to frAlways (1), automatic redirects will be performed only for 'GET' or 'HEAD' requests. Other methods could potentially change the conditions of the initial request and create security vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, if either the new URL server and port are different than the existing one, User and Password are also reset to empty, unless this property is set to frAlways (1), in which case the same credentials are used to connect to the new server.

A Redirect event is fired for every URL the product is redirected to. In the case of automatic redirections, the Redirect event is a good place to set properties related to the new connection (e.g. new authentication parameters).

The default value is frNever (0). In this case, redirects are never followed, and the component throws an exception instead.

Default Value


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